CSMA/ECA Throughput against CSMA/CA

We have been doing many tests with CSMA/ECA [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ].

Here, I show the benefits in terms of throughput when tested on real hardware.

The setup is composed of four PC Engines’ Alix 2d2 loaded with CSMA/ECA (STA 1-4). These stations are saturated and sending UDP segments to an Iperf server wired to an access point.

We sniff/register the traffic through Wireshark and derived a measure of the observed throughput using a custom made parser.

CSMA/ECA Throughput vs. CSMA/CA's

CSMA/ECA Throughput vs. CSMA/CA’s

CSMA/ECA stations achieve almost 50% more throughput than CSMA/CA stations.

We are now in the process of closing a phase in the development of CSMA/ECA, and plan to start another one that consists in incorporating the features that make it support many more contenders in a collision-free schedule without compromising fairness (Hysteresis and Fair Share).




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