Virtualizing Mininet on OS X Mavericks (10.9) using VirtualBox 4.2

I have been working with SDN for a couple of weeks now, and am aware of a lot of tutorials out there in the Web detailing the installation process and many other useful examples.

Here, I will provide a Mavericks-specific Mininet installation process using Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Why is this necessary?

I’m not talking about Mininet, I’m referring to this post.

I successfully started using Mininet 2.0 running over a virtual machine in VirtualBox 4.2. Everything seemed to be working fine. Then OS X Mavericks came along, as well as VirtualBox 4.3. Both releases made changes (at least) on the way VirtualBox is allowed to manage the “host-only” network interfaces.

These host-only interfaces are used to connect from the host machine to the virtualized system using ssh and be able to start XTerms for each node in the simulated networks. A very useful tool for debugging and testing the simulated network. Well, VirtualBox 4.3 throws the following error while importing the Mininet appliance:

virtualbox Failed to import appliance </path/to/.ovf>. Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)

After a Google Search, nothing seemed to relate to my specific problem. So I decided to ask the guys at VirtualBox IRC channel at Freenode. The answer: at the moment, downgrade.

What to do?

First, go to VirtualBox older builds and download VirtualBox 4.2 as well as the Mininet appliance. Then, follow these useful and detailed instructions to configure it.




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